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Pre-Ride Checklist

April 02, 2018

Pre-Ride Checklist

Do a General Inspection To Be Sure It's In Riding Condition.

  1. Start by checking the oil & filter and inspect the other fluid levels. If you do it yourself, stick to the maintenance schedule. Make sure the old oil is disposed of properly.
  2. Next, check your controls to be sure they operate properly; this includes the front & rear brake lines, throttle, idle and clutch cables.
  3. Check your tire pressure often, daily when you're touring. Consult your owners' manual for the correct pressure & load rating. While checking your pressure also inspect your tires. Replace them if there's less than 50 percent of the tread left, cracks, cuts or signs of distress. Our Service Technicians are expertly trained to replace tires & inspect your wheels.
  4. Check for any fuel, oil or hydraulic fluid leaks. Also make sure your cases & lines aren't leaking.
  5. For high-mileage bikes, inspect the drive belt, sprockets & brakes.
  6. Check your headlight, turn signals, tail & brake lights every time you ride.
  7. Adjust your mirrors while sitting on your bike, before you ride.
  8. For those that don't ride as often as they'd like, install a battery tender. If you travel a lot, the battery tender will help you avoid a dead battery.
  9. The Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan eases the pain of a breakdown. If you were ever to be stranded, you'll be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses (See your contract for details).